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On this site of the city of Sorgues, you will find useful informations, and up to date information of the life of the city.
This is the site of the community of cities Provence-Ouvèze (CCPRO), to which Sorgues belongs. It entails information on the events in Sorgues and around, as well as restaurants, sports events, etc.

On Chateauneuf-du-Pape and the wine that made the village famous.
The touristic guide of the départment of Vaucluse:
Everything you want to know about the Avignon theatre festival.
A few other interesting links avalaible only in French.
… Everything you want to know about the « off » part of the festival, The « larger theatre of the world ».
And on the Orange chorégies.
All year long, in Avignon, the Utopia offers a rich and interesting programme, in an enchanting setting.

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